My Top Two Most Useful Supplements!

My Top Two Most Useful Supplements!

Magnesium And Apricot Kernels!~~~Nancy

"Healing Benefits ~ What I Take!"
This morning I have been reviewing the supplements that I take and categorizing them. One of the categories that I've considered are the two mose useful supplements that I use.

It was in 2006 that I began using colloidal silver, and at that same time in my life I was gaining a lot of understanding of the different minerals and vitamins that are beneficial for optimial health: and how to use them!

Little did I know how valuable that information would be for me in the years ahead.

A new-found friend who I worked with was giving me an education in supplements and what they do for us.

So I'm preparing in my mind today the video topics that I will present this month, in the weeks leading up to the end of 2017.

That is where my categories are coming in to play.

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An important category is the two most useful supplements of 2017.

This would be for me Apricot Kernels and Magnesium.
Hands down, the top mineral for me is Magnesium.

I won't go a day without it. And I don't miss a day!
Note: See my "Irregular Heartbeat" page! ~`Go

Two of the top benefits are my heart beat is steady and I don't have restless legs at night!

It no doubt

plays a role in my anxiety,

which is better these days!

Magnesium is one of the oldest and first pain relievers and muscle relaxors!

Here's a good book!

Solve it With Supplements: The Best Herbal and Nutritional Supplements to help Prevent and Heal more than 100 Common Health Problems

It is my go to supplement!

Peace Buttercups! ~~~Nancy ~`About me!

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Bye for now Buttercups!

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My use of Apricot Kernels!

How to Soak and Chew Apricot Kernels Soaking apricot kernels is most important for two specific reasons. Seeds and nuts are prone to getting mold: soaking them removes the mold from their surface. With apricots, soaking is important to get the enzyme into digestible form.

This is a part of the information that I got from my friend, and it works well for me! ~`go

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