My Grandma's Black Walnut Tree~

My Grandma And The Black Walnut Tree!

My Grandma's Secret!~~~Nancy

"Healing Benefits of the Black Walnut!"

Black Walnuts Intrigue Me!

A while ago I promised to tell a story about Black Walnuts!
When I was growing up I was very close to one of my grandmas. I had wished that I had been able to spend more time with her than I did.
But I did get to do some things with her.

I watched her roll out the dough when she made poticas!
That is the name in my family's heritage for nutroll! It was so very deliceous!

Years later, about 12 - 15 years ago I made one of my own!
It came out pretty well.
Well the story is that in my grandma's back yard, behind her garage she whispered to me that she had a Black Walnut tree.

The reason it was there,

in Cleveland Ohio was because my grandpa
who had died before I was born, had planted it there!
And my grandmother shared with me this secret. My grandparent's home country was the former Yugoslavia. They were from the country now know as Slovinia. I don't actually know if this tree had come from

Slovenia or from Mississippi, which is where my Grandparents first came to when they came to the U.S. My grandfather had his own company, a Tin and Steel company.
And most likely this was the best place for him to establish his business in the U.S. And after a time, they purchased the home in Cleveland, OH where my mom lived from the age of 12 years old on up!

The home where my Grandma lived

when I was growing up. The fascinating thing that I know today is that the Black Walnut has some very important healing qualities.

And, I know that my grandma knew this!
Being from a Communist country, my grandma very frequently whispered
things and would frequently also say,

"Don't tell anybody."

She didn't live in freedom in Yugoslavia. The government would spy on the people.
Now, what also comes in to play in my story is that my mom, went after high school,

went on to become an R.N.

she believed only in modern medicine.
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In my family this meant that everything my grandma knew was old fashioned!
My mom went for medicine! And we didn't learn from my grandma!
But it's a different story for me as, I have gone totally the other way!
My grandmother never was able to tell me about the Black Walnut's healing properties.
But I know it has got them! And I will definitely
be learning about it and sharing it with you! There is another twist to the Black Walnut tree and I will tell you about that at another time!

Bye for now Buttercups!

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